Xiaomi M365 Controller V3, Stock, Upgraded & 100v Trace Cut (10S 42v – 20S 84v)

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Stock £45 (SALE) – V3 Xiaomi M365 controller with upgraded traces. Easy plug and play replacement for a broken controller for any Xiaomi electric scooter.

Upgraded / reinforced £80 – V3 Xiaomi M365 controller with upgraded traces and capacitors which allow higher braking current. Max 13S.

Trace cut £90 (SALE) – V3 Xiaomi M365 controller allows for up to 84V fully charged. Upgraded traces, capacitors and extra for higher braking current. Extra cables added and XT60 connector.

V2 Trace cut £100 (SALE) – V3 Xiaomi M365 controller same as a normal trace cut but with added shunt modification for higher acceleration / torque. Traces reinforced further with wire on both sides of the controller.

Replacement Xiaomi M365 controller. Please contact us for more details.

Images shown are place holders. Capacitors can look different depending on what are in stock.

20s / trace cut controllers use XT60 connectors. You will need to buy an XT60 series cable. Preferably upgrading all your batteries to XT60 or use XT30 to XT60 cables.


Select the version of controller you want below.


Stock, Trace Cut / Track Cut & Upgraded / Reinforced Xiaomi M365 Controllers

Trace Cut v2 – increased acceleration by 33%, phase amps.

35A max estimated draw for power settings in custom firmware.

Try to avoid using higher braking current.

Shipping worldwide (EU +£15, outside EU+£20)

Stock V3 – 25MPH / 40KMH
10S 42v

Reinforced – 35MPH / 55KMH
10S 42v – 13S 54v

Trace Cut & v2 – 40MPH / 70KMH
10S 42v – 20S 84v

v2 increased acceleration by 33% (experimental)

100v Upgraded M365 V3 (35A Max) controller for higher voltage batteries.

You can use batteries rated for higher than 35A, just don’t set it higher than 35A in the power settings of the custom firmware.

Add an extra battery in series to your stock internal for up to 84v (20S) 2900w fully charged.

The extra wire from the controller goes between the two batteries on the series cable.

You can buy a series cable here.

For help setting up the controller see our updated Facebook post with step by step pictures

Email with any questions. We will talk you through setting it up if you let us know when it arrives and you are ready to install.

Wiring diagram (Trace Cut)

Take note of the red line coming from the controller. This is the extra cable.

You need to solder it to your series cable on the wire between the batteries. There should only be one wire going between the two battery connectors.

If you have error 21 or you are using a smaller external battery like a 3S 12V and the controller won’t turn on. Switch the battery connectors.

For BMS data to work. It must be plugged in a certain way.

The controller is split into two halves. The top half controls the motor. The bottom half controls the electronics like the dashboard. Using the trace cut mod, the motor half of the controller is getting both of the batteries voltages added together. The bottom half only gets voltage from the extra wire that is coming from the controller. So if you use a 3S on the wrong side the scooter won’t turn on.

Made to order, for more info contact us.

Additional information

Battery Voltage

10s (42v) STOCK V3 UPGRADED TRACES, 10s – 13s (42v – 54v) REINFORCED, 14s – 15s (54v – 63v) SMD, 16s – 17s (63v – 72v) SMD, 18s – 19s (72v – 80v) SMD, 20s (84v) SMD, 10s – 20s (42v – 84v) TRACE CUT, 10s – 20s (42v – 84v) TRACE CUT v2

Additional Battery Kit

No Battery Kit, Starter Kit – 30 MPH (Samsung 40T 3S2P 40A 21700), Intermediate Kit – 35-40 MPH (Samsung 40T 6S2P 40A 21700), Advanced Kit – 40-45+ MPH (Samsung 30Q 10S3P 30A 18650)


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