New Replacement Xiaomi M365 Controller V3 (Upgraded Traces)

£ 45.00

  • EURO: €51.75

Controller works with Xiaomi apps and can be modified/flashed with custom firmware for increased speed.

Traces are fully reinforced. They come with copper bars down the traces but it is not enough. They have been further reinforced from stock.

Does NOT come with 100v capacitors. But has suitable MOSFETs for 20S (84v).

If you wish to mod this controller yourself you do not need to change the MOSFETs.


You can use custom firmware with this controller.

Comes with quality MOSFETs, only capacitors and traces need reinforcing for upgrades before either trace cut or resistors for higher voltage batteries.

Additional information


Standard (63v 13s), Upgraded (100v 13s), Trace Cut (84v 20s*)


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