100v Trace Cut M365 Controller – 45MPH / 75KMH

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Plug & play trace cut controller for the Xiaomi M365 electric scooter.

Reach speeds of around 35mph – 45mph (depending on battery voltage, motor, tyres, conditions, etc)

Use a series cable to connect an external battery from 4v (1S) – 40v (10s). Connect the extra wire to the positive of your internal battery, preferably on the series cable.

Plug the extra connector from the controller into the series cable.

Apply new thermal paste between the bottom of the controller and the deck when you screw it down.

See below for more details



Image shown is a place holder.

Controller comes with thermal pad under the MOSFETs, 100v capacitors with extra on the back and XT60 connector with wire down the traces.

Use up to 20s at your own risk. The higher the voltage the higher the risk of damaging the controller when using the motor brake.

This controller does not use a step-down.

We have only tested this controller with motor braking current at 20A or 200 in Xiaogen. Always make sure your mechanical brake is working and adjust it regularly.

Set the braking current higher at your own risk.

As long as you do not increase the motor brake current or exceed 32A-35A in the firmware the controller should work fine.

Keep in touch and we will let you know if anything new is added and tell you how to update your own.

Please contact us for more details.

Additional information


10s – 20s (42v – 84v) TRACE CUT

Battery Kit

None (Controller only), 30 MPH 21700 3S2P 40A Battery Kit, 45 MPH 18650 10S4P 30A Battery Kit


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