100v Trace Cut M365 Controller & V2 Shunt Mod Higher Torque – 45MPH / 75KMH

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Plug & play trace cut controller for the Xiaomi M365 electric scooter.

Reach speeds of around 35mph – 45mph (depending on battery voltage, motor, tyres, conditions, etc)

Use a series cable to connect an external battery from 4v (1S) – 40v (10s). Connect the extra wire to the positive of your internal battery, preferably on the series cable.

Plug the extra connector from the controller into the series cable.

Apply new thermal paste between the bottom of the controller and the deck when you screw it down.

See below for more details



For help setting up the controller see our updated Facebook post with step by step pictures

Email with any questions. We will talk you through setting it up if you let us know when it arrives and you are ready to install.

Wiring diagram (Trace Cut)

Take note of the red line coming from the controller. This is the extra cable.

You need to solder it to your series cable on the wire between the batteries. There should only be one wire going between the two battery connectors.

If you have error 21 or you are using a smaller external battery like a 3S 12V and the controller won’t turn on. Switch the battery connectors.

For BMS data to work. It must be plugged in a certain way.

The controller is split into two halves. The top half controls the motor. The bottom half controls the electronics like the dashboard. Using the trace cut mod, the motor half of the controller is getting both of the batteries voltages added together. The bottom half only gets voltage from the extra wire that is coming from the controller. So if you use a 3S on the wrong side the scooter won’t turn on.

Made to order, for more info contact us.

Additional information


10s – 20s (42v – 84v) TRACE CUT, 10s – 20s (42v – 84v) TRACE CUT V2

Battery Kit

None (Controller only), 30 MPH 21700 3S2P 40A Battery Kit, 45 MPH 18650 10S4P 30A Battery Kit


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