Convert M365 Clone to Xiaomi – Upgraded Xiaomi Controller (13S), Dashboard, Brake, Throttle Kit

£ 200.00

  • EURO: €230.00

Convert a clone scooter to Xiaomi, Add an external battery in series to your stock internal for up to 84v. Allows you to use custom Xiaomi firmware.

This kit contains a 100v Xiaomi M365 Pro 2 controller, BLE / Dashboard and dashboard data cable, throttle and brake.

You must replace the dashboard and controller. You need to thread the new dashboard data cable through the stem and replace the original.

Does not include series cable, cable extensions or battery.

You are most likely going to need to drill new screw holes to match the controller in the bottom of the scooter to mount it.

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Check that the dashboard matches your scooter.

It’s likely the controller will need new screw holes cutting into the bottom of the scooter.

Use thermal paste below the controller.

Install the brake and throttle on the handle bars (use fishing line attached to the old throttle and brake cables when pulling them through the handlebars it makes it 100 x easier to pull the new ones back through, saves a lot of time).

Run the new dashboard cable through the stem and into the bottom of the scooter replacing the old one. (Fishing line saves a lot of time)

Attach all the cables to the dashboard and screw it down. Nothing should short as you shouldn’t have it attached to a battery. Just be careful anyway.

Once the dash board, throttle and brake work (light depends on scooter and connector you might have to replace it to fit) you can think about the controller.

The controller needs BMS data to work normally. So your scooters battery isn’t “compatible” with the firmware.

You need to download M365 DownG from the app store. Goto Mi.Cfw.Sh (firmware website). Look for the error raising level and set it to ignore battery errors (sometimes disable BMS data with other firmware generators)

Download the zip for M365 DownG.

Plug your motor and dashboard cable into the controller.

(You might need to switch wires around for it to work, you might also need to solder an new connector for the motor data)

If your battery has an xt30 connector you can plug it into the controller.

Hopefully everything should turn on and work 🙂 if not you can email for help.



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